Frequently Asked Questions


The SWPP has selected the park at 3rd and I Street as an ideal location because it best attains the goals to provide a central and safe play area, and to bridge the diverse community.

The SWPP will work with the District’s 1st Precinct and the local PSA to request bike and segway patrols during “peak” hours (after-school, twilight hours and weekends). This will also improve interactions between the police, residents and children. The strong pedestrian presence at this location will also help to deter crime.

The SWPP will work with the City to ensure that all lights are in proper working order. The area is presently well lit, but one light may be relocated for improved lighting along the walkways.

The SWPP recommends supervised play for ages 2-5.

The SWPP will provide signage to designate play equipment age use, hours of operation, and proper care of the area (e.g. no littering, no smoking, etc.).

The SWPP will comply with DC Parks and Recreation requirements for fencing and safety.  The SWPP will strategize the layout to minimize the amount of fencing while maintaining a safe environment, with the goal of preserving the "open" feel of the park.

The SWPP’s goal is to provide a safe, productive outlet for the noise that our children naturally make. The SW Library supports our concept as it will help to minimize the noise currently inside of the library.

DC Urban Forestry has created a plan to prune and remove trees that pose a danger or are unhealthy. The SWPP's architect has devised a layout that promotes the continued growth of the mature, healthy trees, and compliments the DC Urban Forestry's plan.

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